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About Me

My interest lies with Distributed Systems and DevOps. You can find full copy of my CV here.

My Lab (selected few)

September 2017


TCP Load Balancer for Marathon

GoTLB is a Go based TCP Load Balancer built for marathon apps.

August 2017


Alexa Skill for preparing GATE

Gatequiz is an Alexa Skill that can be used to prepare for GATE exam. This was built for Devmerge 2017 Hackathon.

October 2015


Scale applications on cloud

Vamana2 helps you scale your applications on AWS (cloud agnostic actually) using custom application metrics. You can find my presentation of Vamana2 on Chennai October AWS Meetup here.

October 2015


Automatically migrate between cheapest AZs on AWS

Matsya is a Java application that helps you move your fleet of machines across Availability Zones on AWS to be cost effective and fallback to On-Demand when there is a huge demand in Spot market.

October 2015

Chrome Tamil TTS Engine

TTS Engine powered by SSN Speech Lab

Tamil TTS Engine is a Chrome TTS Engine extension powered by Tamil HTS Speech Synthesiser developed at SSN Speech Lab.

September 2015


Notification system

Meghadūta is a scalable (pun intended) notification system built at Amaz-ing Hackathon, Amazon Chennai. Check out the for design and problem statement.

January 2015


Wayback Clone

Finder is a hobby project to build a Wayback clone without converting our existing crawled data which are in SequenceFiles to WARC / ARC formats. Architecture is very much inspired from Wayback but with a few changes. It can not only support HTML pages but finder can provide key+timestamp based access to any dataset.

November 2013


Social Travel

Amigo (also called Qwerty) is a Ticket booking system, that allows you to find like minded people on the same bus you are travelling.

August 2012


Connecting Objects

Physique is a platform to build Ubiquitous applications, helping any real world objects connect, share, and discover information. Developed for Yahoo! OpenHack India 2012. Read blog post here.

July 2012


Discovering Art in Randomness

Tweetoem (Tweet + Poem), attempts to find art in randomness. We make poems from your Tweets. Read blog post here.

GoCD Plugins / Tools

April 2016

GoCD Agent Autoscalar

vasuki is a gocd agent autoscalar, which scales up the agents on demand and tears them down post that.

November 2015

GoCD Build Badge Notifier

gocd-build-badge-notifier is a notification plugin that pushes pipeline build status to an instance of Build Badge Server. It goes well with a hosted version of Build Badge Server.

November 2015

GoCD Build Badge Server

gocd-build-badge-server is NodeJS based server to serve your build badges for embedding them on Github / Bitbucket.

November 2015

GoCD Janitor

gocd-janitor is java based tool that helps you cleanup artifacts on GoCD safely considering each pipeline's VSM.

March 2015

Build GitHub PR

gocd-build-github-pull-requests is a SCM plugin to build Pull Requests for a Github Repo.

February 2015

Slack Build Notifier

gocd-slack-build-notifier is a plugin to push build notifications to Slack.

Marathon Tools

April 2016


marathon-logger is an utility to push marathon app logs to syslog daemon. This is mainly built for non-docker based apps.

March 2016


marathon-alerts is a simple alerting mechanism for apps running on Marathon.

February 2016


marathonctl is CLI client to Mesosphere Marathon for deploying apps.


October 2016


Distributed Data Systems Toolkit

Suuchi is toolkit to build distributed data systems, that uses gRPC under the hood as the communication medium. The overall goal of this project is to build pluggable components that can be easily composed by the developer to build a data system of desired characteristics.

January 2016

Slack - Go Webhooks

Go API to Slack Webhooks

slack-go-webhook provides Go API to push notifications to Slack.

October 2015

Scalding Dataflow

Run Google Cloud Dataflow Pipelines on in-house Hadoop cluster

scalding-dataflow is a pipeline runner implementation for Google Cloud Dataflow platform. You can run all your Pipelines transperently on GCE or in-house Hadoop cluster. This goes well with scalaflow.

January 2015

Slack - Java Webhooks

Java API to Slack Webhooks

slack-java-webhook provides Java API to Slack Webhooks.

January 2015


CUBE operators in Scalding

MRCube provides cubify and rollup methods on Pipes.

December 2014


Missing methods on (T => Boolean) functions

Predicates is a small scala library to pimp your (T) => Boolean functions with and, or and not methods.

November 2013

GoIbibo PHP5 SDK

GoIbibo PHP5 Client

GoIbibo PHP Client built during Techcrunch India Hackathon 2013.

March 2010

uClassify PHP5 SDK

uClassify PHP5 Client

PHP5 Class for accessing uClassify XML Services.

Projects during College

May 2012


A Social Analytics System

It helps you identify what people talk about your product on the social media of the web. My Final year project built and scaled to handle ~1M messages per minute (on AWS). System was built on Storm and Hadoop.

Find demo screencast of the product here.

January 2012


Web Crawler app in PHP

Scraphp (say Scraph, last p is silent) is a web crawling program, basically built to be a standalone executable which can be set a corn task to crawl websites and store extract useful content out of it. Initially created for hacker challenge posted by Indix on Jan 2012. Read blog post here, find the source code on my git repo.

October 2011


Document oriented datastore abstraction over MySQL

Abstraction produced over traditional MySQL (or any RDBMS), for Documented Oriented Datastore like interface. Implemented with PHP. More Details here.

June 2011

Its' Holiday

A Simple Trip Planner

A small Facebook Application created for KRDS's Facecode competition, won Third Place (got a iTouch) in that competition.

April 2011

Social Visualizer

An OpenGraph Visualizer

A Facebook application, that helps you visualize your Friends, Likes, etc from your Facebook profile in a graphical way.

Demo - here.

January 2010

Village Automation System

The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) - 2009

A village automation system created to collect funds from online and use it for increasing the welfare of the people. Created under the name - "The REFORMISTS" for The Great Mind Challenge, 2009.

Selected in TOP 20 from over 50000+ projects from all over India.

Technical Skills

Developer, 4+ years


Developer, 6+ years


Rookie, 1+ year(s)



February 2019 - Present


Senior Tech Lead

June 2012 - January 2019


Software Engineer / Principal Engineer

January 2012 - May 2012

Mu Sigma

Big Data Intern

I was part of their Innovation and Development Team, where I was working on Big Data and Realtime Analytics.


2008 - 2012

SASTRA University

B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering


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